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Member Data Forms

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This page contains the Member Data Forms that you can use to join the Atlanta Chapter.

The information on the forms is entered into the Atlanta Chapter member database.  This data is used to keep track of who has paid dues, to stay in touch and communicate with members, and to complete our Chapter Membership Roster at the end of each year.

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Use one of two Forms:

  • Print out a blank form to fill in by hand.


  • Fill in an on-line form and print it out already completed.

    NOTEThe On-line method requires Adobe Acrobat Reader!
    (If you don't know what Acrobat Reader is, or don't have it installed on your computer, click here.)

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Choose Your Method...

Manual Form

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On-line Form

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  1. Click on the "Happy Pencil" above to go to the Manual Form.
  2. Once there, print out the page and fill in the form by hand.
  3. Return to the Become a Member page for payment and mailing instructions.
  1. Click on the "Typing Computer" above to load the On-Line PDF Form.
    Acrobat Reader will load and open the form.
  2. Fill in the form on-line.
    Left-Click on a form field to type in your information.
    TAB between form fields.
    Left-Click in the check boxes to check them.
  3. When done, print out the completed form.
    Remember to use the Print Button on Acrobat Reader NOT the one on your web browser!!!
  4. Return to the Become a Member page for payment and mailing instructions.

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