Why Join?

Why be a member?

First and foremost, being a member of the USNA Alumni Association of Atlanta affords each individual the opportunity to “give back” to the Naval Academy for the terrific education and opportunities we were provided.  Membership also provides individuals with the following opportunities:

Help Identify Future Leaders to Serve in our Navy and our Community

Membership provides opportunities to promote the Naval Academy and to help identify the future leaders to serve in our Navy and our Community.

Members help our Navy Region Southeast Blue and Gold Officer identify potential Naval Academy candidates and assist with the Annual USNA Candidate dinner in San Diego.

Stay Informed

Members are kept informed of pertinent information and activities relevant to the USNA, the USNA Alumni Association, and the USNA Foundation through monthly Newsletters, emails, and a monthly Luncheon.

Members are provided access to the USNAAAA Web Page which includes the current newsletter, meeting and membership forms and links to a variety of websites.

Professional Networking and Social Events

Members are invited to attend monthly luncheon events which provide a wide range of outstanding speakers, to include active duty military and speakers from local organizations and the government.  Alumni attending usually span over 50 years of graduation classes.

Members are invited to Chapter events including Lobsterfest, Dark Ages Dinner, Golf Classic,  Army/Navy, and other local football gatherings, etc.

Members are informed of USNA events occurring in the San Diego area (baseball, lacross, soccer, crew, glee club, etc.)

Members are provided the opportunity to network with fellow alumni through a networking breakfast and other events that provide great opportunity for those transitioning out of the service, those looking to hire and those looking to do business with fellow alumni.

Members are provided access to the USNAAAA Directory which lists contact information for all active chapter members.

Provide Valuable Input and Assistance

Through our USNAAA Western Region Trustee and the USNAAA San Diego Board of Directors, we have a voice back to the USNA Alumni Association and Foundation for issues or items of interest.

UNSNAAAA members are afforded the opportunity to nominate and promote USNA Distinguished Graduate Award Nominees.

Members assist the USNAAAA in sponsoring events for our future Alumni, like Academy Day; and current USNA events like the Gospel Choir Tour of Atlanta.

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