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Atlanta Chapter Luncheon – August 2016 (Speaker: Jeff Johnson, CAPT, USNR (Ret.), USNA ’84)

USNAAAA LuncheonAtlanta Chapter’s Monthly luncheon will be held on Friday, August 19th.   Registration and pre-lunch social begin at 11:30am and lunch will be served at 11:50 a.m. We will rendezvous at the American Legion Post 160 in Smyrna.

August's luncheon Speaker will be Jeff Johnson, Captain, USNR (Ret.), and USNA Class of 1984.  Jeff is currently a 25 year tenure pilot with Delta Airlines.

Captain, Jeff Johnson, US Navy Reserve (Ret.)

Jeff, a former Navy football offensive lineman and team Captain, will preview the upcoming 2016 Navy Midshipmen football season.   The 2016 Navy football season follows the 2015 football season were Navy went 11-2, reached No. 15 ranking in the College Football Playoff final poll, won an unprecedented third consecutive bowl game and extended its series-record consecutive winning streak over Army Black Knights to 14 in a row. The Navy football season  preview is typically presented to the Atlanta Chapter by Buddy Wellborn, Captain, USN (Ret.), a native Texan and an USNA Class of 1959 graduate.

Please plan to attend the August 2016 Monthly Luncheon and share in the camaraderie and fellowship among metro Atlanta area alumni.  Cost of lunch is $15 for Chapter members and $18 for non-members.

The American Legion Post 160’s address is: 160 Legion Drive SE Smyrna, GA 30080.  The Post's telephone number is (770) 436-2501.


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Drinking Slang from the Navy

Groggy – Grog is a concoction of rum, water and citrus juice that was originally drunk by British sailors and adopted by the U.S. Navy as a way to make stagnant water more palatable and to fight scurvy. Someone who is dazed or sleepy might feel as if they have had too much grog, making them “groggy.”

Three sheets to the wind – Sheets on a ship are the ropes that control the sails. If a sheet becomes loose and starts flapping in the wind, the ship will lurch and rock. Someone who is cannot walk a straight line because they are staggering drunk is said to be “three sheets to the wind.”drinking sailors

Splice the main brace – The main brace was the largest of the rigging on the ship and essential to controlling the vessel. A damaged main brace was difficult to repair, particularly in the midst of battle, so it became customary for the crew members who successfully spliced it to be rewarded with an extra ration of rum. The phrase came to mean a celebratory drink.

Binge – To binge while on a ship meant to soak and rinse an empty cask in water. Sailors who needed more alcohol than their allotted ration would drink the binge water from rum casks in hopes that it would contain at least a few drops of booze. Binging also caused the wood to absorb water, much like a person binge drinking in the modern sense absorbs alcohol.

Down the hatch – When sailors threw their heads back and poured alcohol down their throats, they equated it to manner in which cargo was loaded on ships by lowering it through the hatches on the deck.

Mind your Ps and Qs – Popular folklore states the phrase refers to barkeeps having to be sure to track the “pints” and “quarts” ordered by sailors, but it more likely stems from the printing industry’s need to avoid accidentally reversing the letter blocks for “p” and “q” on the press.

Cup of Joe – The common story that the term “cup of joe” for coffee originated from Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels’ order to prohibit alcohol in the fleet is probably a myth. The more plausible theory is that “joe” derives from “jamoke” – another nickname that was formed by combining the names of the coffee producing locations of Java and Mocha.

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A Successful Atlanta Chapter 42nd Annual LobsterFest

Atlanta Chapter of the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association (USNAAAA) hosted its 42nd Annual LobsterFest at Red Top Mountain State Park (on Lake Altoona), on Saturday, June 11, 2016.  This event has grown in scope and reach over the decades with several regular LobsterFest guests traveling from Northern Virginia, Annapolis and California to attend the Atlanta Chapter's trademark annual event.

Hot plus ninety (90) degree temperatures and high humidity best describe the weather conditions experienced by nearly two hundred (200) alumni, family members, midshipmen and friends (and a couple of West Point alumni) in attendance.  Despite the 'Hotlanta' heat, the attendees still enjoyed the camaraderie of the LobsterFest, the telling or listening to sea stories, and the consumption of nearly three hundred (300) Maine lobster, several bushels of mussels and Georgia sweet corn, many liters of icy cold beverages.

It was an afternoon highlighted by large doses of Southern hospitality and naval camaraderie that has become the hallmark of the Atlanta Chapter's annual event.

The preparation of the drawn butter, side salad and corn on the cobb and serving of the lobster meal were led by a pair of skilled LobsterFest veterans, Marilyn McCallum (Carl '60) and Karen Frederick (Steve '72).

LobsterFest entree

The cooking of the burgers, hot dogs, mussels, corn on the cobb, and the several hundred Maine lobsters were handled by a group of determined alumni which  included  Steve Frederick '72,  Pete Knotgen '77, Vince Balderrama ‘78 (visiting from Annapolis), Ed Brownlee '81, Steve Roberto '03, and Parker Shelato '08.  The heat of the June afternoon temperatures and from the boiling hot kettles did not slow or deter this group from completing the mission of cooking and serving the 'Maine' course of succulent lobsters to the awaiting attendees.   

The USNAAAAA Chapter's 2016 LobsterFest concluded with the ceremonial cutting and serving of 'LobsterFest' cake and the spirited rendering of 'Navy Blue and Gold' by Naval Academy alumni.  In short, a good time was enjoyed by all in attendance.

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2016 Atlanta Chapter Dark Ages Party

On February 13, 2016, the Atlanta Chapter held its annual Dark Ages Party to celebrate United States Navy heritage and the Founding of USNA.  The party was hosted at Der Biergarten, an authentic German restaurant featuring authentic German cuisine and draft beers, located in downtown Atlanta.

Uniform for the Dark Ages Party was casual civilian or naval attire, or Navy spirit wear...rain gear was optional.

The chow line included a variety of German appetizers, sausages, schnitzels, and roasted chicken. Complimentary USNA Alumni Association Atlanta (USNAAAA) Chapter labeled wines and a great selection of German draft beers helped with the flow of sea stories.  As a special treat and in honor of Valentine's Day, each lady in attendance was presented with a red rose.

Attendees included Bill & Sue Rentz '55, Jon & Jan Barton '66, Parker & Jen Shelato '08, Nick & Jean Ward '74, Ron Surfield '90, Scott & Donna Evans '88, Pete Canalici '81, Melissa Mathews '81 & Larry Taylor, Paul & Jody Borer '70, Ples & Kameelah Bruce '77, Steve & Ellen Newell '89, Don & Joanne Patterson '74, and Pete & Sue Knoetgen '77.

2016 Dark Ages Party

Shelato '08, Knoetgen '77, Borer '70, Evans '88 at the trough!

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